Lower-Cost Solar Cells Printed Like Newspaper. Solar Cells Painted on Rooftops.

Nanoparticle “inks” may soon replace the conventional solar panel systems we see on rooftops
and empty fields. University of Texas engineers hope to cut costs to 1/10th of the current manufacturing process for solar cells. The current solar cell production procedure makes it difficult
for the industry to break past the competition (fossil fuels). But with the efforts and advancements
in nanotechnology, the photovoltaic industry may soon enough find itself in the forefront of world energy production.

Solar Energy Improvements through Nanotechnology.

Stanford engineers have built upon the work of German physicist Gustav Mie over a century after his mathematical derivations that explain why colors in stained glass exhibit brilliancy when placed under sunlight. The Stanford team has determined how to improve light absorption efficiency in nanowires made of germanium semiconductors. This may in turn prove to …

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