Solar Lights and Other Eco-steps for your Yard

Of course, you know by now that lighting your yard, pathways, and garden with solar lights can both improve the ambiance of your space and reduce your carbon footprint. Manicured lawns can have a very high negative impact on the environment, but that doesn’t mean that your outdoor space has to be an eyesore. Here are some ways that you can make your yard and garden beautiful without harming the environment.

Solar Lights- Illuminate the beautiful parts of your outdoor space, make walking paths clear for after-dark visitors, and help your guests see all your hard work. Solar lights use no outside source to collect energy, so you’ll know that you’re increasing your carbon footprint with your outdoor lighting source.

Compost- Make sure you put your garden to hard work by composting leftover materials. For a simple concept, there are a lot of little details that go into composting. Here is an infographic that explains some of the basics.

Don’t kill- You can keep bugs away without using pesticides that can harm your yard, pets, and family. Look into organic pest control options. Sometimes the solution is as easy as sprinkling sugar and vinegar around your garden.

Be local- When choosing decorative plants for your space, make sure to choose native species, not exotic items. This will prevent invasive species from spreading, and will attract native birds and beneficial insects to your garden, allowing it to flourish.

Do it by hand- Avoid gas and power mowers and other landscaping tools. It will take more work to maintain your space by hand, but using a manual push mower will benefit your yard, your body, and the air in your area.

Join your Community- Make sure to share excess produce with your neighbors, and see if you can coordinate your gardens to fill each others’ needs. This will allow for greater variety in the area and will prevent excess of certain items from being produced and going to waste.

All in all, you can have a beautiful lawn and garden without having a harmful impact on the environment. It just takes a little more intentional thought! What are your favorite ways to decrease your garden and lawn’s carbon footprint?



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Green Gardener Corner

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