Solar Air Heater for Business or Home. You can’t beat free heat!

Most heating systems consist of two stages – one that generates the heat and a second that delivers it (ie: a furnace burns oil to generate heat and a fan or circulating pump distributes that heat where it’s needed.)

Solar Air Heaters.
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With solar heating systems the sun generates the heat – for free!

A preheat solar air heating system.
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To see animation on how solar wall technology provides fresh air and FREE heat, click HERE.

Solar air heating systems use solar radiation to heat a particular room, using solar panels.
There are many ways to use solar heating of air, and one can also build a home with the help of online sources.

Solar Air Heater
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Check out the video below on home-made solar air heaters.

This is a type of solar thermal system, where air is heated in a collector from the sun’s radiation and transferred directly to the inner space or a storage medium, such as a can of rocks. Solar panels are used for the operation of such systems.

Solar panels heat the air which is then transported to a particular room. The basic components of this system include solar panels, solar collectors, a system of ducts and diffusers. The heated air can operate with or without a fan. Without the fan the air is distributed through the action of a natural ventilation system.

In agriculture, food products sometimes needs to be kept in warm places, especially during the monsoons. Solar air heating works well here. You can increase the temperature of the room so that it is properly heated. In this way the products may be safe and will not have spoiled due to moisture.

Solar air heating works much the same way as a factory solar hot water.
The heater is placed outside the room so it can capture the sunlight. It generally consists of solar panels, but people use a variety of solar collectors. Some use aluminum beverage cans and black paint. These are then placed on a suitable frame. The panels or holes in the cans should be connected so that the air travels through them. As cold air moves across the outside room via the cans, it is heated. Thus, hot air enters the destination room, causing the temperature to rise. In this way a solar air heater is a very economical way to heat a room. Instead of using heating devices that are expensive and require a lot of electricity, this method of passive temperature control is certainly an effective solution.

So, how do you build a Solar Space Heater? For complete illustrated instructions click HERE.

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