Installing your home solar panel system as an off-grid system.

When we hear about people installing solar panel systems on their rooftops and around their homes, we immediately think of what kind of rebates and incentives are they getting by going solar. Well, incentives and rebates are offered by government entities for people who will be connecting their homes to the utility grid system. Meaning that the solar panels on their roof is generating energy during the day that is ultimately feeding the local utility company with free energy, many times is the case that a home may produce more energy than what the home is using over a given year. When this occurs, the local utility company will issue a “refund” back to the home owner based on the utility company’s calculation of what the homeowner “deserves” as a reward for producing excess energy (that the utility company ultimately sold to another customer who doesn’t have a solar system on their roof/property). Free energy, right? Right!

UltraBattery schematic from Ecoult.
Ecoult's UltraBattery schematic demonstrating the next wave of battery. Image courtesy of

So why not, as a homeowner that produces more than they use, just take their home off the grid and store their excess energy in rechargeable battery systems that are designed to do so? Well, they can and sometimes do. But utility companies are quick to divert this possibility with rhetoric that is unfounded and impractical. With the continuing and fast-developing storage capacities of rechargeable batteries, the reality of taking homes off the electricity grid (sewer and water is still on the municipality’s bill, so we are not completely “off-grid” just yet). Companies such as Ecoult (Australia) are developing very real options of what they call the “UltraBattery”; a battery that couples lead-acid batteries with ultra capacitors. The result is a long-lasting (up to 10 times longer than typical lead-acid) battery that is made of relatively benign materials that can be recycled at the end of their life. For instance, solar street lights from SolTek Renewables use lead-acid rechargeable batteries in their system with a life-span of 5 to 7 years before the battery needs replacement. With an UltraBattery, that replacement may not occur for up to 50 years! Now, take that battery capacity and put it into your home system. That means that if you were to bank your energy generated by your solar panels, you wouldn’t need to replace the batteries for potentially 50 years down the road! Now, who’s in control of your energy? That’s right…. it’s you!

Solar street lights from SolTek Renewables.
Solar street lights from SolTek Renewables. Image courtesy of

Solar on!

Mario @ Your Solar Link

Solar string lights.
Solar string lights on patio foliage. Image courtesy of



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Solar Garden Lights

SOLAR PATH LIGHTS. Stainless Steel Conical Solar Path Light (Set of 2). Path solar lights are an excellent choice for lighting your garden paths, walkways, driveway perimeters and other regions in your landscape. They are often used in multiples to guide the way along a set of stairs or a dark walk. Featured Stainless Steel Solar Light set uses 2 ultra-bright LEDs for maximum light output and minimum battery usage. The lights are safe around kids and pets and water and corrosion resistant. Read more HERE 


Stone Solar Spot Lights (also known as Solar Rock Lights) completely camouflage with existing landscapes and look like any other rock in your garden.

Green Gardener Corner

How to start using ecologically friendly energy to power up your garden fountains and other garden water features?
Why not go with a solar powered water pump?
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Stone Cylinder Solar Path Lights (Set of 2).
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