A safe way to keep those toothy rodents from wreaking havoc in your Spring garden.

For some (and soon to be many), Spring is approaching, regardless of whether or not Punxsutawney Phil bites your ears in protest. With Spring comes beautiful gardens of fresh flowers and tasty foods. And we are not the only ones who find those foods tasty. Caterpillars, aphids, birds… the list goes on. But there’s that one fellow that seems to not only eat our food, but make a geological mess in the process. Yes, we’re talking about gophers.

Pocket gopher coming out of hole.
Up-close and personal with a pocket gopher. Image courtesy of LeonardoWeiss.

There are many ways to rid our gardens of our subterranean pals. Poisons, smoke, catastrophic floods and ensnaring traps are some of the active methods. But why not use passive pest management methods; therefore eliminating hazards to other critters in the garden that you don’t mind that much being there (you know, pets and kids)? Netting and underground wire fencing is a method. But at Your Solar Link, you can find the solar pest controller that emits sounds/vibrations in the ground, thus aiding in keeping gophers from coming close to the controller.

Solar pest controller at sunset.
Solar pest controller at sunset continues the process of gopher deterrence even after sunset. Image courtesy of www.yoursolarlink.com.

With pulses of vibrations lasting a few seconds, the solar pest controller is easy to install in gardens and lawns, helping to keep your flora from being attacked by the fauna below. And, it doesn’t harm them (plants or animals) in the process. The integrated solar panel at the top of each solar pest controller maintains the needed electricity generation to charge the rechargeable batteries. Therefore, not only do they work during the day, but will continue to operate during the evening. So, mr. gopher and his pals won’t have a break from the controller.

Solar pest controller in raised beds.
Solar pest controllers can be used anywhere the sun shines and soil permits. Image courtesy of www.yoursolarlink.com.

Get ready now for Spring and put the solar pest controller in your gardens before those ground dwellers set up shop. Maintain a healthy garden and flower beds with a simple and effective passive pest management method that doesn’t hurt anyone and is safe to use. Each solar pest controller covers an area of about 2800 square feet (30 foot effective radius for each controller), so they can be placed throughout your green spaces as needed.

Healthy and pest-free garden.
A healthy and pest-free garden, courtesy of the solar pest controller. Image courtesy of www.yoursolarlink.com.

Happy Gardening! Solar on!

Mario @ Your Solar Link

Gonzo approved.
Solar pest controllers are the way to go! Gonzo approved! Image courtesy of www.yoursolarlink.com.



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