6 Major Benefits of Organic Gardening.

In the vocabulary of our modern world, the term “organic gardening” has become widely popular in gardening magazines, books, on the World Wide Web and in everyday conversations.
While growing without chemicals is trendy now, it has been around since ancient times. It was the only way to farm. After all, chemical fertilizers weren’t even a possibility until the 1840’s.
So, what exactly is organic gardening? And how is it beneficial to us?

organic rose garden
Organic Rose Garden in California.

organic strawberries
Organic strawberries grown in Escondido, CA.
Image by Your Solar Link.

In plain words, organic gardens don’t get fertilized with synthetics; only animal or vegetable fertilizers are used.
Natural pest control methods are used, as opposed to industrial insecticides. In other words only natural substances and beneficial insects are used to ward off pests instead of spraying with potentially harmful commercial chemical substances.

organic gardener
Tatiana Starines has been enjoying organic gardening for over 70 years.
And just look at the results!
Image by Your Solar Link.

6 major benefits of organic gardening:

1. The harmful and toxic chemicals that we spray on our produce also seep into the ground, thus affecting insects that are beneficial. These chemicals also find their way into the air, waterways, sewers, lakes and streams. Organic gardeners create a mini “eco-system” that will maintain a healthy balance of soil and contribute to the health of our planet by not putting long-lasting, toxic chemicals into the air, soil and watershed. This makes organic gardening beneficial for everyone.
2. Organic gardeners contribute to preserving diversity. The loss of a large variety of species (biodiversity) is one of the most pressing environmental concerns. The good news is that many organic farmers and gardeners have been collecting and preserving seeds, and growing remarkable varieties for decades.
3. It is no-brainer that the natural health of the soil will produce healthy fruits and vegetables for your table. Organically-grown food is more nutritious than food grown using conventional methods. In humans, healthy and balanced nourishment increases strength of the immune system and minimizes the risks of potentially deadly diseases.
4. There is evidence of physical and emotional human benefits with organic gardening. “muscle-power” rather than “machine-power” burns more calories. You definitely will be in great shape and stress-free (horticultural therapy), when you spend quality time in your garden.
5. Organic gardening greatly reduces your exposure to pesticides, which have been linked to many severe health problems.
6. Growing your own healthy produce saves your household money in the long run.

organic garden
Another view of Tatiana’s organic garden. Spring 2010.

Organic growing is much more than not using pesticides or insecticides. It is a philosophy that stresses on increasing the natural health of the soil, choosing suitable plants that are appropriate for your area, and working with nature to create a healthy and productive garden.

organic garden
Tatiana’s organic garden. Spring 2010. Image by Your Solar Link.

organic garden
Tatiana’s organic garden. Spring 2010. Image by Your Solar Link.

It only makes sense to use appropriate and eco-friendly lighting, such as solar lights, in your organic garden. Solar lights are easy to install (no wiring) and they are charged by the energy of sun (free, renewable, eco-friendly energy). Solar lighting is ideal for areas where conventional electrical supply is not available. They are a simple way to accentuate your trees, pathways and flower beds!
With the latest solar technology developments, the solar industry has moved forward substantially. Now we have a cool variety of choices when picking appropriate solar lighting for your organic garden.

Some of them are really bright (solar spot light) and will accentuate the beauty of your trees or large bushes.

solar spot light
Solar Spot Light at night. Image by Your Solar Link.

Others release a soft and pleasantly scattered light that looks great around your pathways and flowerbeds.
A great selection of solar garden lights can be found here. While choosing an appropriate solar lighting solution for your garden, pay attention to the solar product descriptions to make sure you get what best suites your garden needs. See solar gardens image galleries HERE.

Starting and maintaining an organic garden is simple and easy with a little knowledge and patience.
Growing your own organic garden is something you can take great pride and pleasure in.

organic gardener
Organic gardener.

organic garden
Organic garden. Spring. Image by Your Solar Link.

Visit the Organic Consumers Association to learn more.



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